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TVXQ’s YoonHo was jumping down from the plane during “Catch Me” concert in Malaysia! This happened when they were performing “journey”. More »

Disclaimer: When I say “unknown” I mean tunes by our favorite artists that are not the featured songs off the album. Well, with that out of the way, how about I introduce Miss A’s song titled “Ma Style” off their latest album 5th Project Independent Women Pt. III. This song is great for a girls’ night out or just when you feel like dancing. They sound amazing in the song and the chorus is really catchy. More »

Hi guys! Here we have few parodies of Kpop MV from a Youtube user mgurl0523! She makes up a english lyrics for the videos, but of course they are not real lyrics. More »

Here is the last member from SNSD, Sunny! :] More »

BIGBANG, in the past, has parodied the drama Coffee Prince, and if you haven’t watched that yet, you better because it’s full of laughs! But aside from that drama, they made a parody of the famous drama Secret Garden. I find their vesion of Secret Garden funnier as compared to Coffee Prince. The lead roles were given to TOP and G-Dragon. While Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri were given the supporting cast! Check out their version! More »

Hello There! Do you remember the ever popular Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls? Well, the song was pretty addictive but what stands out the most is the dance! The dance looks so easy at first but it is pretty hard! Anyways, the JYP boys, 2AM and 2PM, decided to make a parody of this dance and omgee it’s freakin’ hilarious! Check it out, and I’m sure you are going to laugh and laugh! More »

Now CL has more comfortable Airport Fashion than Bom has, but they look really good on her! They fit her so well :] More »

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has been recruited to promote online shooping mall and aunction site G-Market. To endorse the company, GD created a song entitled “G-Market Party!” and made a video on it! check it out incase you haven’t seen it before More »

Hi guys! I just wanted to write this and ask if you guys would recomend me some good Kdramas? I haven’t been watching really anything in a while, but last week I wanted to watch something and I found Flower Boy Next Door! And it was so adorable and funny! Loved it ;D More »

2AM is got to be my favorite ballad group of all time in KPOP history! Behind their serious-ness and awesome voice in their songs and music videos, we can see how fun and active these boys are. We all know Jokwon’s funny personality behind his music career. While he can make us laugh, his fellow groupmates can also too! And I got to say I love their CFs. Here’s my favorite 2AM CFs! Check them all out! More »

Years have passed since the drama ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon’ ended, but it is still on the top of my favorite K-drama list. I am pretty sure most people who are into Korean dramas have watched this drama at some point too. More »

Or as the Youtuber reclaimed it as: Smells Like Oxygen! More »

Whenever I see an idol who dyed his hair with pink, i find it pretty crazy yet very brave of them. Pink is such a one of a kind color that you don’t normally see people dying their hair with that color. Yes, blond, black and brown are the most common hair color to be dye but pink, that’s a different story! I come out with a list of idols who have dyed their hair pink yet looks great on them! More »

I’ve been a huge fan of ZE:A ever since I heard their song Mazeltov. Some people didn’t like Mazeltov because they find the song pretty weird and nonsense especially when it came to the part wherein they are enumerating the kinds of girls (korean girl, japan girl…), but i beg to differ. The song is pretty catchy and nice for me. I love the upbeat! But anyways, these boys aren’t just all about the seriousness and all, they make sure to have fun too! And to prove that they like to have fun as well, check out their Watch Out practice video in their animal suits! More »

We all love Kpop Idols Airport Fashion and 2NE1’s fashion is something that I like to look at. So here we have few airport fashion pictures from them and the first up is Park Bom! More »

G-Dragon is not the only idol with tons of hairstyle. FT Island’s Lee Hongki has so many hairstyles as well. Hongki has so much hairstyles that it is impossible for me to put all of them in just one post. Anyways, what I noticed as he changes his hairstyle, he gets cute-r and cute-r by the minute! He usually ties his hair which give him a much adorable look! Moreover, he also dyes his hair into different colors or has different cuts to it. Check them all out below! More »

Has anyone watched or have been watching Teen Top & 100% Brothers’ Outing/Rising Brothers? If not, this is the clip you have to see! It’s probably one of the best and hilarious moments on the show! More »

One or two days ago I wrote a voice about Changjo’s adorable little gloomy bear he got from one his fans at a fansign. A few days after that, he got another cute one! This time it’s a bunny instead of a bear, but it’s still as cute and it’s called Line Bunny! I love how big its head is compared to his tiny ears~ plus, the giant open mouth smile is too adorable! I think I like Line Bunny more than the gloomy bear though! It makes me a lot more cheerful just by looking at it More »

I totally had to share this! These guys are totally owning B.A.P’s choreo! More »

The second last Funny Kpop Macro from SNSD is Seohyun! :] More »

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