Compare these old (left) and new (right) pictures of Hyun Bin. What do you guys think?
Do you think he has undergone plastic surgery to make his face smaller or just that
his face slimmed down due to losing weight?

I personally think he has undergone surgery to shave off his wide jaws to get this ‘V’
line face. I prefer his old face as it looks manlier. His face now is just too small and
sharp. He was manlier previously and prettier now. I think men should stay with a
manlier look and ‘V’ face is just suitable for girls.

Since he has not made any statement that he has undergone surgery, we’re still not
sure whether he actually did it or it’s just the effect of weight loss.
Guess we’ll have to wait until he’s discharged from the army to make a conclusion as
those who go into army actually gain a bit of weight.

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i think it was just weight loss that made his face slimmer

hmmmm very good question…
i mean it might have been weight loss! =O it does happen....

He obviously lost weight. His face fat difference from the first picture compared to the second picture is really apparent.

ay por dios jajajaja is that even possible??? me refiero a que, para empezar, no creo que se haya hecho una cirugía en la que le limen el hueso ya que no puedes mover el ángulo de la mandíbula porque entonces moverias articulación temporomandibular (TMA / ATM) y.. pues yo lo considero imposible la vdd. talvez este equivocada, pero no puede ser posible para mi.

Obviously it´s just loss weight.

I prefer the left picture, but he look handsome on the pther way too smile

Umm… it’s just weight loss… :o
Anywho, I do like his previous head structure better~

Is the right picture photoshopped? His face looks squished in on the right side. o-o

But I don’t think so. I think it’s because of lost weight. 

What you on about?!?! I think his ‘V’ shaped face looks pretty sexy AND manly ;P

I think he just lost weight…

nahhhh hyun bin doesn’t neeeddd plastic surgery. i think he just got realllyyy skinny and is stressed.

I think that he lost weight, his cheeks got smaller but kept the same format. 

I think he just lost weight. You can see his gradual change when you watch his dramas in between such as “Worlds Within” and “Friend.” Aging has also taken an effect. 

I don’t think that he undergo surgery though, rather I think that he lost a lof of weight! He still looks the same! He is still good looking! >0<

tbh i think he had a plastic surgery because if u look at his jaw u will get wat i mean but i am not sure
he looks better on the first picture x

It looks like he just lost weight… :/ But I’m not really that sure…

i think he just lost weight :D
thanks for sharing!

he looks better on the first picture smile but yeah, i think he just lost weight smile

i dont think he would undergo plastic surgery.. smile

i think its cause of the weight loss tho.. hehehe

weight for sure!! he still look handsome!<3

hmmm.. i think he just lost a bit of weight here.. but it wouldn’t matter if he did or did not.. still love him for who he is!
thanks for sharing!

it’s loss of weight for sure

hyunbin’s au naturel <3

Wow. I think he lost weight ^^. mebbe a little too much? Love him all the same~ and wishing him good health and safety when he goes into the army~ thanks for sharing!!

Yeah I also prefer the wider jaw but It doesn’t make him any less handsome. He’s fine as of now.

i think he looks cuter in the older photo but i think he just lost some weight a bit too much weight though but he still looks gooood~

yea i agree that he just lost weight..he looks so skinny in the 2nd picture!!

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