Hey Ningin and Super Junior lovers! I thought I share these videos that I found of Super Junior once again performing amazing dances on MBC’s Star Dance Battle. For those of you who may not know, Star Dance Battle is a special aired on MBC around Choosuk, Korea’s Thanksgiving, and the Lunar New Year where idols groups and other celebrities dance it out and try to beat out their opponents.

For the first dance performance, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Shindong, and Eunhyuk dance like wind up dolls. I love the background song called “Last Carnival” by Norihiro Tsuru. Then they transform into hip hop dance machines with strong dance moves. Eunhyuk is simply amazing! I did not know that Kyuhyun could dance like that since I know him for his vocals.

For the second performance, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin dance out to Girl’s Generation’s “Genie”. It is so cool when they mix in lyrics and dance moves from G-Dragon and Brown Eyed Girls. Also, what they do at the end of the performance is so priceless I will not spoil it and let you find out on your own.

First performance:

Second performance:

Enjoy! What do you guys think?

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oh my gosh.they are all great dancer.

oh my gosh this is sooo effing cute ~ Trust the boys to do something like this and I just loveeee watching Sungmin dance/sing to girl group songs. He just looks like he is enjoying himself so much and he looks absolutely adorable~! He is my bias… but STILL~! 

their dance is awesome!
SuJu hwaiting!

I soo love Super Junior!!!

their dance is amazing
keep it up SUJU xx

This is why I love suju. They never fail to make ppl laugh no matter what. N they are such an awesome dancers smile <3

whoaaa ... they’re really the best !! really love SuJu .. saranghae <3

omg! i fall in love with them so many time this day!
love to watch everytime them dance together~ smile
~super junior hwaiting!~

I remember seeing this! They were totally great! Their dance was totally awesome! Thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing ~ they’re very hot!

awesome! love their dances xD
thanks for sharing ^^

forgot to mention: leetuek looks goood with his hair tied back :D
and the 2nd performance was coool too

AWESOME! so coool! thanks for sharing!

super junior is amazing! i love the first performance <3

i love these videos!! amazing!
thanks for sharing!~~

I like the videos a lot. thanks for sharing! I really like their dances :D

I love their dances.

Super Junior’s dances in these things are so awesome ^___^
shindong is so adorable xD
thanks for sharing ~