aotpup Good day Ningin-ers ! Let’s have another movie review . ‘Attack on the Pin Up Boys’ was released on year 2007. The film stars every member of “SuperJunior” (my favorite KPOP group XD) except for Kyuhyun because he was still in recovery during the taping of the film. This movie tells a story about unusual attacks , I mean very unusual attacks (tossing of bags of feces , yikes !) on every school heartthrob in different high schools every 14th day of each month. After these ‘unusual attacks’ , all the victims later becomes superstars. Kibum , a studious and a bookworm guy , decided to investigate about this ‘unusual attacks’. Rumors says that the next target of the attacker was Neulparan High School , Kibum school . He predicts that the next victim would be either Siwon , the student body president , Kangin , the Judo Team Captain or Heechul , Dance Club’s president. Kibum tried to investigate them to be sure who’ll be the next victim.
A really funny and cute movie to watch . Really laugh out loud while watching these. And I love Siwon’s character here , a serious man who has … SUPERPOWERS ? LOL , and Kangin was really funny , too as well as Heechul. I fell in love with Sungmin because of this movie HAHA .Really my favorite one (also because SJ’s the casts XD). Below is the trailer of the movie. Hope you like it guys ^^ What are your opinions about this movie ?

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i enjoyed it when i watched it, but i think it was indeed because of super junior. it’s more of those “so dumb is has to be funny” movies, in my opinion.

i thought it was funny, but i felt that the best interactions were between donghae and kibum! their acting together actually seemed real, and not sooo full of comedy that you didn’t take it seriously. 

This film is definitely up there as one of my favourites! It’s so funny and really well done. It’s also great how Super Junior are the main cast and their acting is brilliant! I laughed so much at this film and I would recommend it to everyone :D

poor me...i haven’t watched this movie...hopefully this summer vacation.X))

hilarious movie. Kangin was adorably funny. and heechul, cares about his looks more than ever, and sungmin, always the pretty boy. haha smile

I LOVED this movie! Especially Ryeowook! Cutest and funniest nerd EVER! LOL! ^^
It’a a really good mystery, and I didn’t expect ***SPOLIER ALERT*** to be the one tossing the bags, lol~ XD
My point is, it was a really good movie to be worth watching~ (is it because I love SUJU so much?)

Although it wasn’t a hit, I believe in their talents and it’s sad because kyuhyun couldn’t join the filming and leeteuk only came into the screen just a moment before the ending >.<
Thanks for sharing, BubblyMe^^
Sungmin is indeed very cute but he kinda has the Prince Disease in this movie..haha

I remember watching this several years ago at my friend’s house before I knew anything about Kpop. All I could think afterwards was, “What did I just watch?”

I didn’t really like the movie, I only watched it because of Super Junior. Some parts were really good and others were ok. Thanks for sharing your reviews. 

Attack on the Pin Up Boys is a movie? o___o
Also, I have a new respect for Kibum, he looks adorable in glasses. XD
I think it might have played a bit too much of SuJu’s popularity because it’s too much comedy and not really that much...suspense, I guess?
Well, thanks for sharing!

I was in Korea when this came out—didn’t seem like it did too well.