So.. I was reading the post about L and Kimbum looking alike and then i remembered, Doesn’t Park shin hye and Yoon eun hye actually look similar :O I think they could pass off as twins easily :) What do you guys think?

Left; Park shin hye
Right; Yoon Eun hye

park shin hye and yoon eun hye are twins?

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I dont think so..
both pretty^^

i don’t think so… i like yoon eun hye better :]
but i like shin hye in ur beautiful..

I can differentiate them, though.. maybe their eyes is somewhat similar?! Hmmm.

hmm i dont really see it they still look different besides the hair

sometime i fail to diffentiate who is who tho....

well idk if its just me but for me not really..
i guess they kinda do but not that much

haha. i have always thought they do look alike!

when i first watched Youre Beautiful, i thought that park shin hye was yoon eun hye lol~~

they have some similarities though :D

if take their facial creatures apart and compare, then they def could pass for twins =D thanks for sharing!

oh wow.. i never really noticed but they do have some similarities!

I have to say that they do have similarities!!
I always notice this! ^_^
Thank you for sharing

i can see the simalrites

i thought it’s just me xD

woah never noticed… they do look sorta similar..

yayaa..they really look quite a like with each other

aww because I like them both
it’s like PSH 70% and YEH 30%
obviously I’m PSH biased and I’ve watched many of their dramas
I think they don’t really look alike
maybe like 20%?^^

thanks for sharing^^