This may be old news, but have you guys heard of this website? It tells you what Korean celebrity you supposedly look like. The only downside is, since it’s in Korean, it’s difficult for an English-speaker like me to figure out who some of the celebrities are ^^; Maybe everyone else will have more luck? All you have to do is press the button and upload a photo of yourself!

So tell me…Who do you resemble the most?

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Nice.. I know that site

omo i know this xD but every time the results won’t be the same (?) LOL
thanks for sharing !!

hahaha this is so cool.. tnhx for sharing.. i already try it but unfortunately i idk who they are but they really pretty lol.. >_<

Cool, thanks for sharing ^^

Lol, that is so fun! In one pic I was 9% female (i’m a girl) and in another I was 99% female xD I also got 5% G-Dragon which makes me happy cuz he’s super cute!

when i did it i got 90% brown eyed girl’s Gain and i was just like “whaaaaa?”

100% kim sungje from supernova numerous times =________________= oh, and ive gotten all the shinee members before minus minho LOL~ jaejoong, changmin, ft island seunghyun....yeah...but mostly sungje XD
haha thanks for sharing! ^^ such an amusing app~

It said that I 89% looked like L.Joe from Teen Top on one of my pictures, I laughed so much because I’m in love with him raspberry

I remember programs like this one! They usually wield hilarious answers. 

haha LOL, this is really fun! i got 90% Goo Ha-ra <3
if only i was as pretty as her x__x

lols, which celebrity tried it and only got 50% resembling themselves?

argh !!! i wanna try it too !!

OMG i tried this and i get different people every time Xo

i got alexander from ukiss lol

lol~~ how come i got 81% SHINee Minho??? this is sooooo fun!!!

without using this website, people say i look like amber. let me try it. smile)

haha omg i remember some celebrity did this and only got 50% resembling themselves. ><

I wanna try...Im so excited to see the result.XD

LOL i tried it and it said i’m 82% like Sungje from Supernova <3
but that means i look like a guy?
then there where four girls and idk who they are

ooh this seems cool, i shall try it out!

i wanna try this but i have no idea on what to do, lol.

LOL I look like someone named Lee Ari.. whoever that is xD
My second highest % was Younha followed by Chaeyeon, Hwang Mi Hee and finally Lee Seong Min! That was fun haha ^^

lol I got 100% Kwon Yuri… I wish I was that pretty XD

hehe...thats fun, like yeonhee i only got 14 percent for Hwangbo, but thats kay, it cool. thanks for sharing XD

I got Kim Jae Kyung 87%, 72% Yoon Eun Hye, 75% Lee Hyori, 96% Younha, and 78% BoA lol
but omg it kept on getting my age wrongg lol

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