Hi all,

The main thing that always attracts me to a male idols are always those sexy & pout lips. I has always been a SHINee Onew fan because of this reason itself.
But lately, i have been noticing that other male idols have very nice lips too.
Below are just pictures of male idols which has gorgeous lips(in my opinion!)

1. Beast Gikwang
Beast Gikwang...

2. MBLAQ’s Leader Seungho…those chubby lips
MBLAQ's Leader Seungho...those chubby lips..

3. 2PM Nichkhun. The pouty lips just makes him more adorable

4. Kim Hyun Joong. His lip are prettier than girls. I want a lip like his!

5. SHINee Onew. What more can i say? His is the one that i love the most!

What do you think? Which one u like the most?

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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i agree with this list smile

<3 there are lots of other ASIAN Idols that should be here .. like Akanishi Jin <3 <3

ONEW. :D Onew’s the best out of all of them, in my opinion ^.^ keke

when i saw this, my thought was kikwang smile but khj and onew = <3...but where is niel? he should be here…

Kikwang’s lips are like kissable cushions :D

jaejoong’s and hyun joong’s <3

Yeah Kikwang lips are So Cute , But how come Yunho is not in the List ? and JJ too ~

where’s niel from teen top on this list? hahaha. but yeah i agree.

aww *0* !! Onew <3 kikwang <3 LOL

i’m sorry but i disagree with u.. i think yunho have an angelic lips and jaejoong have sexier lips ever lol.. ^__^

Onew’s lips is so pretty. O_O

Onew does have gorgeous lips!Actually everyone in Shinee does lol
i really like Junhyung’s lips. B2ST is another band filled with nice lips

Omo ~my g dragon also got sexy lips smile

ommo. gikwang ! 


Jaejoong and Kyu (from SJ) should have been here lol

All of them!!! xD

kim hyun joong. <3


lol Nickkhun XD I think Jonghyun’s lips are pretty sexy ~_^

I like KiKwang’s lips..it’s just too sexy..

Nichkhun ahh
I love all these lips lol
thanks for sharing :D

niel of teen top should have been here ^^

mmmm like all of them raspberry
I was hoping Jaejoong would be here :/

nichkhun ! <3

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