K-Pop is becoming more and more competitive by the day. With weekly new concepts and comebacks, every idol has to try and step up from the rest. One way of doing that is by dying their hair with outrageous colors! Everyone has mixed opinions in the beginning, but I think we all start loving it at some point. Have a look at some bold hair colors that have already made the scene!

In order: Park Bom, Song Ji Eun, Jia, Heechul, TOP, Hyosung and Key

Park Bom's Red Hair

Song Ji Eun's Blue Hair

Miss A's Jia with Pink Hair

Heechul's Orange Hair

TOP's White Hair

Hyosung's Yellow Hair

Key's Rainbow Hair

So, there have definitely been some bold colors already, and I hope to see many more colors being displayed on my favorite groups’ heads! Are there any colors you guys would like to see? If so, on which idol?

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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Jonghyun has 2 colours during Ring Ding Dong smile


Yes, Key of course ^_^

I’d like to see one idol with all the colours above. XD

Bom’s red hair is the best. I like Jia’s iconic pink hair too. that’s totally cool ~

For some reason, I just really like Key’s hair color[s] here. XD

these kpop stars sure can pull off any hair colour!

i love Bom’s & Jieun’s hair the best :D
& i also like Jia’s orange hair right now~

These are totally strange raspberry but look great on them !! you should add HyunSeung’s ( Beast ) hair color for Fiction and Fact Album xD not that radical but can fit in there raspberry <3 thanx for sharing ^^

i like jieun’s, but isnt it bom also did that haircolor inone of their past mvs?

i like jieun’s, but isnt it bom also did that haircolor inone of their past mvs?

Lol...Key’s hair is daebak...His hair is the BEST!!!

The best one is Key’s! <3

I love Bom, Jia and Key’s hair ^__^

i definately wanna see someone with green hair, but they have to look good in it too!

They all pull off all these colors nicely. I really loved that hair style on TOP<3

Love their hair!!! Such pretty colors and all the idols make them look so natural! ^^ I love T.O.P’s hair the best though! Suits him so well:D

Wah, all the hair… Just wow… x.x

All their hair are epic! It seems almost natural for me now got too used to it! LOL

Key’s colorful hair!! ^^ A real dive he is LOL Oh I think Park Bom looks pretty in red...it really suits her! Heechul looks like a princess with that hairstyle of his. *thumbs up* For me, since we’re Asians it’s best to just go with black but I don’t mind blonde and brown hair colors xD My dream guy has to be a blondie!! ♥

TOP is the best!!!!! White is awesome!!!

well love park bom and Key’s hair ! don’t know why but i love key’s highlights xD

I love Song Ji Eun’s haircolor :D

I love all of them!!
Jia & Song Ji Eun is my favs!!!!! =D

i love those color!
jia and key are my fav~