Okay so the last blog post was about boy idols with blonde hair, but now we have girl idols with blonde hair. So here is some of them:

1. first we have Jia and Suzy from Miss a. I think they both look amazing with blonde hair.

2. Next it’s another two form a same band. From F(x) Amber and Luna. I love Ambers blonde hair so much! and Luna looks good on it too.

3. 4minute’s HyunA is next. She looks so cute with the blonde long hair and I love that picure!

4. Sistar’s Hyorin looks lovely on her hair.

5. Of course we can’t leave out our fierce leader from 2NE1, CL!

And as a bonus I give you guys: SHINee’s Taemin as a blonde girl xD

Is your favorite girl idol missing?
Here is the first part if you still want to see it:Kpop idols with blonde hair

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GD was cute with blonde hair :3

one thing that kpop taught me was asians can looks good in blonde~
they all look cute~
lol taeminie~

kkk ~ taemin <33 ~ hmm i think hyoseong secret ! she look great too with blonde :D

i was shock to see taemin’s face hahha i thought this was only for girls that got blonde hair hahha

Was Hongki and Jaejin on the first list? I love them with blond hair ^_^

i loveee Amber’s, CL’s, Hyo Rin’s, and bahahahaha TAEMIN!!! <333

xD they all look pretty ^^

OMG Taemin ....
You are sexy ~

TAEMIN fits in perfectly......LOLOLOL

Hehe; i dun think i know anyone who looks this good blonde XD especially Taemin ;p

AH taemin as a girl :D ^^

ouuuh! Nana! I totally forgot about her >.<
well maybe she comes to a different list raspberry
but glad you guys like the list smile

Great list. How about Nana and Jessica?

Aww Taemin’s so pretty as a girl smile

Missing Nana of After School~

i love amber’s hair! oh taemin!

haha the catnapper took the words (type? o.o) out of my mouth (hands?) ^^ lol

i actually haven’t seen suzy with blond hair before this :O
but anyway thank you for the post ^^

lol Taemin! he’s so cute!! But I really like Amber with her bleach blonde hair