I didn’t mean to make the title like this but i feel like it is the only suitable one…. Some kpop fans are really starting to creep me out and all the fantasy i have from loving kpop is starting to shatter because of these creepy people!

We say: kpop is not just music, it’s a family, but WHY do some people have to go around making other people unhappy?

OKAY i’ll just get to the point:


This is something i extremely hate about kpop fandom: fanwars! Enjoy the music together? NO! Love the idols together? NO!! Live in peace and harmony? NO!!! They just have to quarrel about who’s better who’s prettier who’s sexier who’s more popular and that makes me so sick!!

They even take it the extend where they have to curse each other, curse their families curse their friends, it is so saddening…

I’m really happy i don’t need to see all these here, you people are sensible people! But in other sites especially youtube it just doesn’t stop!

And the other part that i don’t like of kpop fandom is the saesangs that are hurting our idols but i’m not gonna rant about it, it has been done!

Just saying, and hoping that we don’t turn into people like them! I don’t want to waste my precious life in doing things that doesn’t matter! =DD

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totally agree with you!!!

yup those people who stalk are not “fans” but wayyyyyy beyond that I personally think that those people who start fanwars are sooo annoying! I mean each idol is different in their own way

getting into a fight with your family is natural… haha jokes! ^^

I totally agree with you! But seriously… what can we do about it? I guess we should just ignore it to prevent a fight from occuring.

totally agreed =~= i have especially seen a fanwar between lady gaga, boa, 2ne1, and maybe snsd. it was mad disgusting how some person wud bring up lady gaga n said something like copying off her, then it dragged on like forever. Some people in usa r mad conceited…
and i think extreme saesang fans only have half a life if they continued stalking their idols. (which means theres nothing to do except “hurting” their idols). i dont want to become that.
i was like… if u dont like the music then gtfo. Dont say it like ur right (wen ur stupid enough to cause trouble). Simple n done.

Agreed! I mean, I’m an ELF, Shawol, Cassie, and a SONE. They all are great people, who make great music, and that’s why I adore them.

It’s like those people label anyone who isn’t their bias as “stupid”

You know what I think? Labelling like that is stupid.

Totally agreed!Hate hate hate fanwars!
I think it’s either people who have nothing else to do, but disturb other people, or people who are little too aggressive/obsessive with their stars..

OMG I totally agreeee ><

amen! i don’t understand the point of fanwars, antis, sasaengs, etc. fanwars just seem stupid in their definition. antis shouldn’t even exist cuz how much do you hate ppl you DON’T EVEN FREAKIN KNOW to say you hate them and wish bad things upon them? that’s just not humane. and sasaengs seriously need to a) get a life or b) waste it on some other, unharmful obsession cuz following their idols 24/7 isn’t helping anyone and is leading to worse things than they think.

I totally agree with you!!
I love too many groups for their own distinct qualities; they’re all unique in their own style & I love them for that!
I don’t feel a need to bash other groups at all >___>
people really just need to chill and learn to be respectful!