nullSo here’s another list of idols who didn’t really change their hairstyle much since debut…

1. 2AM Seulong
It’s fine that he had sported a longer hair sometime in his life during trainee days but ever since he debuted, the hairsyle he had didn’t changed at all. I know he’s been having haircuts and all but the changes are very minimal for it to be considered a major hair style change. What works for him, though, is that this short hair he always sports is very easy to style. He can go with or without the fringe and arrange it into so many ways possible. With all these styles that they do, the guy’s obviously tricking us into thinking that he does change the hair a lot. Oh well, good thing, he does look good in everything.

2. After School UEE
The thing with UEE is that, I personally don’t think she’ll look good if she changes her hair style. Her facial features are a bit unique that short or even just shoulder length hair wouldn’t fit her. So, this long hair she’s been having for like forever would be the best hair she’ll ever had. Doing some variations such as hair color changes or having it curled a little are the best ways to possibly change it. You’ll see some photos from themed shoots below to just prove my point that she won’t look good in any other hairstyle.

3. Wonder Girls Sohee
Just like any other pretty girl, the Wonder Girls’ maknae Sohee, sports a long jet black hair. This one she had ever since she debuted. Actually, this long black hair seems to date way back when she was in high school. With Sohee, I believe shorter hairstyles will showcase her cuteness more so I’d prefer seeing her with that. Just like her look from Nobody concept photos, her pretty face shines brighter with not much hair covering it. Well maybe they’re staying with this style so as they can do lots of varieties to make her look cuter? I don’t even know if that made sense just look at the photos below and be the judge.

4. Infinite L
Pretty boy L of Infinite, just like Seulong, sported the same hairstyle since debuting. The most change would have to be a change in hair color but the length just seems to stay at where it currently is. And though I can’t think of anything new for a change in his hairstyle, it’d be definitely great to see him sporting some new locks ’cause every member of Infinite had their fair share of unique hair-dos, so it’s probably dear L’s time to change his.

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yes, definitely sohee, she never makes any extreme changes to her hair. and yeah taeyang, how long has he had a mohawk?

I was going to say Taeyang too but there was a first part…

KStoff - 03/25/12 7:02 pm

I am surprised Taeyang wasn’t mentioned in this

there was actually a first part to this, with taeyang, kikwang and seohyun written sometime in january.

I am surprised Taeyang wasn’t mentioned in this

I don’t really pay attention to these… LOL I didnt know that sohee had her long hair since high school but i think its alright as long as they look good in it :3

HyunSeungFan - 03/23/12 11:21 pm

i actually didn’t notice any of these people didn’t change their hairstyle~
but the youngest of Wonder Girls is actually Lim not Sohee ^^

oh. i seriously thought sohee was the maknae. i had to google it up ‘cause i thought i was right. lol. so they’re both born on ‘92 but sohee was born on june while lim was on sept. thanks for clearing that up! smile

I want to see L with long hair.

i actually didn’t notice any of these people didn’t change their hairstyle~
but the youngest of Wonder Girls is actually Lim not Sohee ^^

I actually quite like L’s hairstyle ^^
although I think he would look super hot in a cropped haircut~ :D <3

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