T-araUhhh not to sound anti and all but i love T-ara but i really dont want the additional of more members n i know a lot of T-ara doesnt even want more members added they think T-ara is perfect the way they are.

Plus it’s not fair how T-ara work so hard and all, now some new girl just come in and get fame even though she didn’t do any work to help build up the group fame. She didnt even work hard to make the group the way it is now, she just come and go and get added in just because the CEO said so and she said that she didn’t want to be a burden to the T-ara’s unnies well i think she already did. And she did a pretty bad job at not being a bother to her T-ara’s unnies

I feel bad for T-ara member because even before some members didn’t even get notice that much and now that they are adding new members imagine how the quieter members in T-ara like Hwayoung and Qri would get even more unnotice in the group.

Truth be told I didn’t even know Qri and Hwayoung was in T-ara until Cry Cry. Some member don’t even have enough lines in the song and now they are added more members? that is just wrong.
I think Dani is pretty and all but I wish she was not in T-ara. If she was added in a new girl group I would totally support her, but in T-ara I don’t think so because I feel bad for the other T-ara members. Plus, it’s kinda awkward for me personally becasue she is like yougner than me and it feels weird because before T-ara members were older than me so I could idolize than easier now it just feel weird.
Plus, the age difference between the oldest members and new members are so off. It just feel plain awkward. I wish I don’t sound anti and all, but truth be told this is how I really feel about T-ara change. Why can’t those girls just get added to Gang Kiz or 5Dolls or something? Those girl group need more help in getting famous than T-ara, and I bet if they were added in those group there wouldn’t be as much of a argument or displease among T-ara fans as like now.

Also, I don’t think the members really like this change either. Like on Jiyeon and Hyomin’s tweet, but their “company” later told people that they were just complaining about schdeule and not because of T-ara’s crisis, when it is like so obvious, fans are not stupid ok?

I think I am not the only T-ara’s fan who don’t like the change, and I know some are feeling that way too. It just that I get so angry how the media always try to lie and say how the fans are happy about the change and all, when they are so NOT. I talk online with other T-ara’s fan and Kpop’s fans and ask their opinions and they don’t like the idea of T-ara new member idea too. Even my real life friends who are crazy T-ara’s fan like me don’t like the idea. WE don’t hate the new members, but can’t they be added in a NEW or OTHER girl group? I bet fans would accept them and like them more that way. I also know how come people are like these fans are over reacting just like when Super Junior adding of Zhou mi and Henry but those are completely different cases. And I am a Prom15e tp 13elieve ELF, and I think they belong in Super Junior, but this is a whole different case. Zhou mi and Henry work hard like crazy and they match with Super Junior. While these girls don’t match with T-ara concept, plus can you imagine a 14 year old being sexy like T-ara? I think that is weird and awkard. And it will be awkward not having Jiyeon as the maknae anymore.

Also, now they have 9 members, they will just be compare to Girls’ Generation. Almost all girl group that has 9 members will get link back to Girls’ Generation. 9 is kind of like the only number that Girls’ Generation can pull off. Also, T-ara will be compare to SNSD (Girls’ Generation) a lot, and I don’t think that will do any good for T-ara. Plus, any group that work as a nine member girl group doesn’t result as good, like Nine Muses when they said to have 9 members they had a lot of antis becasue of that which was really sad, and also even though After School didn’t debut with 9 but later they only had 9 members left, and fans kept comparing to SNSD. Like on After School Youtube video you could see fans fighting about After School and Girls Generation, while I was like scrolling down reading the comment like a stalker, BUT besides that thought what I meant to say is that T-ara as a 9 member girl group won’t result to good. And T-ara have been working great as a 7 members group so far so shouldnt the CEO guy let T-ara conitnue being that way. The T-ara work so hard and this is the “reward” they get, it is more like a horrible punishment.

Seriously, after this issue came out many changes have happen in the Kpop’s world, like Dal Shabet’s leader Viki leaving to go solo, After School’s Kahi gradutating from the group, etc. How i miss the old K-pop when it was not corrupted and everything was done for the fans and not for the entertainment company’s benefit or profit business matters. I wish K-pop is for the FANS and NOT for Bussiness. After all why try to make music corrupt?

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Honestly I don’t like the change. I don’t understand why they have to add more members T-ara was fine the way they were. Some members are aren’t even getting enough exposure already and they’re going to add more members? I don’t see how that’d really work out. Why can’t they just put those new members and debut into a different group...They should really work on giving more exposure to other T-ara members who have not have enough limelight.