Image and video hosting by TinyPicRecently U-Kiss have released their ‘Believe‘ MV for their Special to Kiss Me album and very observant fans caught a little mistake that made it pass the editing stage and into the offical music video. If you watch carefully from the point 2:20, you can see AJ hitting Kevin near the front during Dongho’s part.

Specifically, it’s the part where they are doing their ‘Mworago’ choreography. You can see Kevin closing his eyes and biting his lip in pain and AJ looking over at him with a “Uh-Oh” expression. NH Media has removed the original version and released the reedited version from their offical YouTube channel but here’s a re-upload of the original from a fan.

If you’re curious, here’s the MV of the newer, non-violent MV.

Before someone pointed this out to me, I really didn’t catch this little problem even after watching it at least three times. The scene is short and fast so whoever caught this seriously must have extremely good observation skills and they deserve mad props.

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Poor Kevin. I didn’t even notice that even after watching it several times. >.<

LOL! The way AJ looked at Kevin :D

wow i didn’t even notice!!

LOL.. hahha..
i didn’t notice it..
poor him..

I didn’t even notice!
AJ looked really sorry~!
Poor Kevin! >____<

Poor AJ, he was like, oh crap.

But someone must have been playing that MV slow-mo, heh. All to soak in the U-KISS goodness.

poor kevin…
i didnt even notice that =,=”

I didn’t even notice it O.O

LOL wow how can fans noticed these things?

I didn’t even notice when I watched it! Wow, I’m oblivious.

Poor Kevin.
An is very considerate.

I never noticed that until now :O

I never would have known.

And I love the ‘newer, non-violent’ MV lol

ohh yeah i see it...really quick tho o-o

oh my how did anyone even see that :D it was so quick o.O