As a fellow kpop lover, I’m always eager to hear about how other fans got into Kpop! Was it a poster of a good looking idol you couldn’t help but trace back? Was it an theme song for an anime that traced you back to Kpop? Was it an accidental clicking on video link on youtube? Whatever the case, feel free to share!

I got into Kpop last year March, so I’m a relative newbie compared to some hardcore kpop fans who’ve been around for a while!

As for me, the very first kpop song I ever heard was DBSK’s Wrong Number the dance version.

I was absolutely entranced by how awesomely they danced! It was a dark, mysterious song with a powerful beat that instantly got my attention.

The second video I ever watched was Shinee’s Hello which was a suggested video. It was a complete 180 from Wrong Number - cute and romantic to dark and mysterious. The weird costumes, cute boys and once again awesome dancing just cemented my interest in kpop.

What’s more interesting is the fact that I was listening to Kpop artists before I even knew they existed!

BoA’s Every Heart which was an ending theme song to popular anime Inuyasha was the first anime song I’ve downloaded!

Lo and behold it turns out BoA is the Queen of Kpop!

So follow kpop followers, I ask you - what was your first kpop song/group that got you hooked to Kpop?

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haru haru was the first song i had heard.
but the song that got me into kpop more was stand by me from BOF. 

I’d listened to Sorry Sorry and Nobody before, but the song that actually got me hooked into KPOP was SJ’s Bonamana. Such a catchy song! It made me want to learn the dance (which I did), learn the lyrics (which I also did), and find out more about the group (and we all know how that ended up XD)

My friend showed me SNSD’s Gee and I thought it was catchy!! Then what got me hooked was SHINee’s Hello and adorable Taeminnie♥

I was on a Sims 3 forum and someone posted something about Yunho and I was like “who’s that?” xD So I googled him and was like HOT DAYUM.

My obsession had started. xD The very first kpop song and video I heard/saw was Lovin You by DBSK. I fell in love. xD

I was on Youtube and I clicked on 2NE1’s “It Hurts” because it looked like Jpop and I had been into that for a while before. But it turned out to be Kpop. At first I wasn’t too fond but a couple of days later I came back to it and from there discovered Big Bang, SHINee, etc. But when I found DBSK, I became a Cassie right away. 

First song I listened to was SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong cuz my older brother showed me Pops in Seoul on tv

omg inyuyasha...never knew boa sang it? :o
big bang lollipop was the first song i heard..
my best friend always kept talking about big bang haha

For me, I had been watching anime for as long as I can remember and I would fall in love with a theme song every so often enough without ever knowing who sang them or even the song name. It was one day that I was going through the interwebs that I stumbled upon a forum of a guy trash talking about some gay asians with super colorful and tight clothing. It turned out to be one of the catchiest songs I had ever heard and it turned out to be “Hello” by SHINee. After falling in love I listened to their other songs, then I found DBSK’s Mirotic and I just kept going on loving Kpop ever since then.

I first known Dara from 2ne1. She was famous in the Philippines ever since I’ve become a fan of hers. Then when I heard that she has a group in Korea I started become a fan of hers again and then the second video I watch was shinee’s ring ding dong.that I want Dara and Minho to be in a drama together. I would be very happy when that happens.

I got to know Kpop thru anime :D Here is post that I made awhile ago about it if you wanna read it :D

Now that I think about it, I think I started from anime as well - my first obsession for an Asian song overall was D-Tecnolife (UVERworld) from Bleach, around the same time I also fell in love with BoA’s Every Heart. From then on, my love for Asian musical culture exponentially grew. If I remember correctly, my love for Kpop began with artists like Se7en, Big Bang and Younha (i.e. Houkiboshi^^, also from anime) and then spread to Super Junior and DBSK. More recently I then had a phase of SHINee, some B1A4 and now B.A.P. and Infinite, but I also came to terms with what I truly am - a Cassie through and through ^^.

In regard to my origin though, I do think it was anime (which I haven’t followed for a few years now but wouldn’t mind revisiting), which is really interesting to look back upon ^^.

Awesome post, worldmusicfanxoxo ^^<3.

hehe DBSK was also the first group the got me into KPOP, i listened to mirotic and i became obsessed!