Hi guys! So with the reveals of public dating from Kara’s Go Hara + BEAST’s Junhyung to more recent Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo and Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na, I’ve gotten to thinking about the pros and cons of public celebrity relationships.

In all honesty I really think that the type of celebrity deems the reaction for relationships. If it was a comedian getting married, I’ve noticed that the public’s reaction is very good. Actresses and Actors seem to have a harder time, like when Han Ga In was marred. But ultimately I think idols get the worst reaction from the public in regards to dating publicly.

Now the question is whether this negativity is justified or not. To me, it’s definitely not. I think it’s ridiculous that people pass judgement on other people’s love. It’s not your business. However, just because I think people shouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. So this article is basically going from the base that celebrities should not date publicly for their own safety, not because I think they don’t deserve romance.

A lot of the flack comes from fans who believe an idol’s love is for their fans first and foremost. I agree, to an extent, but that would never mean I would want my idol to put off his love life and happiness for the sake of nameless strangers. It hurts when I hear that they may be dating, but ultimately I can only hope they are happy.

But I still think that celebs should keep quiet of their relationships. Fans may not be so understanding, and it could be possible that the partner will receive a lot of hate and jealousy. That puts a strain on the relationship and well as the person. You and your partner are attacked from nothing more than being in love. If it was kept quiet, the chances of either of you getting hurt is drastically lowered.

Image becomes an issue as well. Especially for female celebrities. From what I know of Korean culture, numerous relationships are not approved of. Having your relationship in the public eye is subjecting it to approval and disapproval and there will be repercussions in the event of break up. When the next relationship comes around, the public will compare it to the previous one - will judge her for moving on to different men. North American culture does this all the time, and the tabloids are littered with suggestive themes. It could be devastating to an idols image to have their name dragged through the mud because of a failed relationship.

Phew this is a long rant. In any case, I’d like to leave off here and here some of your opinions. Do you guys think that celebs should keep quiet with their relationships? Or do you think public dating is the way to go?

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I think they do tried their best to keep quite but today’s technology makes it seems impossible. Once their dating photos leaked out, they have no choice but to admit to it~

i think they should stay on the quieter side. crazy fans just get crazier day after day.. safety over public love

i think idols should be able to date openly~~if only crazy fans wouldnt freak out and make a big deal about it. like the others said before me, they have thier own lives and they need to be happy and as fans of idols we should be happy for them!~~i personally like hearing about other idols dating each other! i think its cute!

It’d probably be wiser if they kept it on the down low. Psycho fangirls will be on the warpath if they find out their “oppa” is with someone that’s not them.
Personally, I think these fans are ridiculous, selfish, and rude. They work so hard and it’s unfair when they get slandered because they decide to pursue their own happiness by dating. To me, if an idol is happy, then I’m happy.

i dont mind if an idol says they are dating someone. as a fan we should all be happy for them since its not like we own them and can tell them what to do! i think its rude that fans won’t allow their idols to date because they deserve to find their own happiness