hwayoungSo, the CEO now kick out Hwayoung. How can he do this? The T-ara member are like family. He is basically destroying T-ara with his own hands. I bet the CEO kick out Hwayoung becasue he wanted to replace Hwayoung and give his DANI (Pedophile ALERT here) Hwayoung position of being lead rapper.

It feels like Dani and Areum are like bad luck curse or something. Ever since they were added T-ara kept on having these bad things happening to them. It feels like the CEO is doing this to kick out the member out slowly one by one. I bet that was his originally plan he wanted to destroy T-ara friendship. They are like family. I canot believe the bullying rumors because T-ara love themselves and each other a lot. It is most likely the CEO.

Now, i bet a lot of fans are now dissapointed of T-ara. I bet now T-ara has more anti than fans becasue of this. And this all started from the CEO pedophile decision of adding Dani and Areum to lower the group age average. Bet he was planning this from the start. To destroy fans feeling and all.

This is why I will NEVER NEVER support DANI AND AREUM. THEY were the one who casue this misdeeds to happen to T-ara. Why cant the CEO just kick out the 2 new members instead. If he did none of this sad tragic drama would have to happen.

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Hopefully, everything should b wrapping up now..

Why does this seem like an article made by a closed minded kid? And grammer Alert everyone!

i’ve seen t-ara before. they’e not really as much of a family like. take SM family for example. t-ara is never like that.. -____-
so i guess it’s okay for her to leave.. >__<

how can you say that! it’s just so unfair with Dani and Areum.
they did nothing wrong! Hwayoung is the one who is rumored being bullied here.. why don’t T-ara members bully Dani and Areum? that must be something wrong with Hwayoung! 

but if u notice T-ara have to many rappers in their group already, and the ceo cannot make any chanc e of removing his money making rapper, so he remove hwayoung, so tat he can put dani in n rememebr her position is to be a rapper too. tat is y i think it is very suspicious

I think Hwayoung wanted to leave anyways. The other members have been bullying her even before the bullying rumors

these are interesting thoughts considering these new members havent really had anything to do with this recent controversy. i personally feel the ceo and management if the group was the problem and not exctly the members..

woah woah woah I think whether these bullying rumors are true or not, it is not fair to blame the new members for what is happening now. I think this situation started long before they were even considered to join T-ara. 

The bullying rumors are ridiculous, I don’t even want to imagine what if it is the truth